Peter Constantin, Haitian Director for CFM

Pastor Peter

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peter Constantin, Field Director of Christian Friendship Ministries in Haiti

For Peter Constantin, love is a verb.

Peter was born and raised in the hills of Haiti in a rural town called Pignon.

Peter, along with his siblings, grew up in a church started by American missionaries, Oran and Arshaloos Bell. He attended Sunday School, sang in the choir, participated in Vacation Bible School – all the things a typical American boy might do in a Christian family. Yet, the backdrop for his discipleship was in the poverty of rural Haiti. From a young age, Constantin began to feel a burden for his people and tried to find ways that he could help them in their physical and spiritual needs. He worked as a leader in the church and later served in the Haitian parliament, representing the needs of his home region.

Today, Peter is showing his love for his people through a new ministry called Christian Friendship Ministries. Christian Friendship Ministries is a non-profit organization established in 2005 in Fresno, California. The mission of the organization is to help connect resources from around the United States with the needs of people in Haiti.

Christian Friendship Ministries operates 4 churches, 8 schools, 2 orphanages and 2 health clinics in the rural mountains of Haiti. Peter splits his time between the United States, where he travels and speaks to various groups, and Haiti, which he still calls home. His dreams for the future include starting a vocational school to teach small business, computers and agriculture techniques and an orphanage through Christian Friendship Ministries.

“My passion is for my people to develop a deep relationship with God and to give them the resources to lift themselves up out of poverty,” says Peter. “My desire is to work with American pastors and people who can come along side our people and give them the tools to live for Christ.”

Peter graduated from Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port Au Prince, where he got his bachelor’s degree in Theology. He is currently working on his master’s in ministry at Bob Jones University in South Carolina.










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